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BONNE backpacks and accessories, was established in 2008 in Lisbon by designer F. Corte Real. He felt that the opportunity to do something different, contradicting the homogeneity of the existing offer, was the motto to this "Revolution", that is now a global brand of urban concept, and is characterized by the Printed graphics, inspired by themes, as diverse as, graffiti, hip hop, surf, skate and others. BONNE, is a brand of youthful spirit for all ages. Currently BONNE also develops and presents collections for other segments such as textiles and stationery. Quality is always a major concern with our products, we test our materials and products during the development phase, and strictly control the product until is finished and packed to the client. Quality for us, is always based on the satisfaction of our customers. From the earliest times, BONNE cares a lot about communication with our clients, and takes really seriously the feedback from them. Because of this, we have created a set of events, like BONNE Art Graffiti, consisting in personalizing backpacks live by Artists, offering this way, an unique experience. BONNE pretends to continue to surprise all the world, through innovation, design, quality and sustainability.
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Francisco Corte-Real CEO of Bonne

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