About us

BONNE backpacks and accessories, was established in 2008 in Lisbon by the company "Plabana Design"​ founded by designer F. Corte Real in 1997.

Backpacks are a must have accessory, being globally used by pretty much anyone for various purposes.

Once we start to analyze the backpack universe, we observe that most are unicolor and that very few have prints, the ones that do have, being very poor design wise.

That’s the main reason why we began to prepare ourselves, for a brand which leaves no one indifferent.

And that´s why Bonne exists, to leave no one indifferent!

Every year we launch a new collection with a variety of colorful and unique designs set to please a vast amount of different personalities.

Our creations are inspired by different themes such as urban, awareness issues, music, extreme sports as well as ongoing trends, our team travels around the world to search tendencies, and to be in contact with everyone!

Besides Bonne’s main design team, we often invite artists, designers and even some of our own costumers to collaborate in the collections.

Bonne is the combination of originality, functionality, quality, sustainability and price, which is why we are growing strongly.

Bonne’s Logo is inspired by a real bone, intending to convey an idea of structure, linking also, youthful imagination.

Our global strategy model involves having importers / distributors in each country, connoisseurs of the market.

The development of Bonne is done in Portugal and we have our production lines in China for production effects we have company technicians to continuously monitor the entire manufacturing process.

Quality control is done by Western standards. It begins by management of the material going through the production lines, and ends with the closing of the containers and the shipping of the latter.


- Stationary

- Surf shops

- Sk8 stores

- Urbanwear

- Sport shops and general

- Fashion

To obtain information on how to be a Bonne distributor, please send a brief presentation of your company to the email cortereal@bonnebags.com and ask the information.



Francisco Corte-Real CEO of Bonne

collection bonne

+351 212 583 641 +351 967 375 494




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